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These days a website is a business essential. And one that's not broken is even better. With the vast ocean of options available, how do you decide which will best suit your needs—without overpaying? Probity's website consultation and support will analyze your site, your needs, and provide you with recommendations, an action plan, and backup support so you can create the website you want, or fix the one you have. We will work with your existing technology where it makes sense, but suggest more efficient solutions if discovered.

Kristin Pintarich - Probity Builders Website Support Team Leader

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Services Offered:

  • Domain name recommendations
  • E-commerce recommendations and support
  • Edit site content for search engine optimization
  • Evaluate and recommend web technology
  • Evaluate site for standards compliance / "best practices"
  • Evaluate site organization / user-friendliness
  • Install, customize, and upgrade Wordpress blog software as website
  • Low-cost suggestions for web- and ground-based cross promotion
  • SEO evaluation and recommendations
  • Smaller "online brochure" website creation
  • Tutoring on web software interfaces—we can figure almost anything out
  • Visitor statistics interpretation and recommendations
  • Website marketing plan development