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Critical Junctures Seminar

Increase the Effectiveness of your
Diversity Program, Internally and Externally

Improve the results of firms participating in your programs

Our Mission: To encourage mature companies and agencies, in partnership with small businesses, to create long term mutually beneficial relationships and increase the diversity of businesses in the marketplace.

Impact your community

Critical Junctures brings essential diversity issues to the table for lasting impacts and change. This dynamic two-day workshop focuses on core diversity issues, bridging the gap between large companies /agencies and small minority and women owned businesses.

Sample of Topics (may be tailored to audience / client):

Large Companies/Agencies:

  • Cross Generational Communications
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Small Business Capacity Building
  • "HOW to" Increase Effectiveness / Results
  • Diversity Leadership

Small Businesses:

  • Marketing / Sales
  • Certification: Nuts & Bolts
  • Hiring and Human Relations
  • Financials / Cost Control
  • Project Management

Presented by the dynamic team of:

Judy Trotter (Judy Trotter & Associates) and
Ron White (Head Coach, Probity Builders)

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